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Hurtling Forward at Light Speed

May 18, 2013

This project (one of our scariest to date) is hurtling along at a pretty quick  pace right now.  Alex W’s parents are helping expedite things in a HUGE way.  Between going to the Pasadena permit center to revise our building permit, meeting with the Pasadena city inspector on weekdays while we’re at work, to helping with planning, framing, and even gardening – they have been indispensable.

After the foundation was poured, we had to wait only 3 days before we could begin framing.  Alex and his dad quickly got the floor joists in, then started building walls.  We had a minor snaffu caused by our inspector’s insistence that we do the rough in plumbing before  the floor and walls went in.  This meant that of course each and every pipe ended up exactly aligned with a wall stud – so a number of studs had to be removed, and new framing built to support the modified section of wall.

We also made a rather major design change.  Initially we planned to simply reproduce the existing roof design – a nearly flat roof that sloped slightly down away from the rest of the house.  Alex’s dad convinced us to build a much nicer looking gabled roof instead.  This will we similar to the current front side of the house.  Also, it means the bathroom will have taller ceilings!





While Alex and his dad spent all week framing, his mom and I kept ourselves busy with gardening, sanding, cooking and cleaning.  The area in front of our house between the curb and the sidewalk was full of weeds.  We dug it out (with help) and planted star jasmine, which should slowly fill in the space over the next year or so.


We also picked out a double vanity for the bathroom.  Here’s a picture:


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  1. Jess permalink
    May 20, 2013 7:04 AM

    lookin good!

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