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My new favorite hobby!

June 17, 2013

Every year, as spring rolls around, I catch the gardening bug.  It’s hard not to, when all of the garden centers are offering scores of different types of vegetable seeds and seedlings.

This year I went more crazy than usual though – in addition to over-filling my four raised beds, I planted tomatoes in the bordering L-shaped beds, and then bought about 10 pots and filled those too!  So far, aside from a few run-ins with pests, all of the veggies are doing really well!  We’ve already enjoyed a few amazing meals fresh from the garden: spaghetti with tomatos and summer squash, sauteed shishito peppers with sea salt, roasted eggplant sandwiches, and green bean salads, to name a few.

Needless to say, gardening has been distracting me from less-pleasant tasks like sanding and painting windows…  Ah well, at least fresh veggies are healthier than the lead dust that sanding kicks up!


Caribbean pepper seedlings in a plastic pot.  To be used fro jerk chicken.


The jalepeno pepper plant is already full of nearly-ripe, very spicy peppers, ready for use in salsas.



The growing tip of a young cucumber plant.  I’m growing them vertically in tomato cages this year.

photo 1 (3)

Shishito peppers are a small, mild type of japanese pepper.  They are excellent sauteed with a bit of sea salt.  So simple!

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