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Back On The Wagon

September 13, 2013

OK, at some point you have to just admit it.  We kind of fell off the remodeling/blogging wagon.  But we’re back baby!  Sorry for the long delay, there are legitimate(ish) reasons!  Honest!  We traveled, it was hot, we couldn’t make decisions on finish materials and other details, and couldn’t pull the trigger on the final, really big expenses for the bathroom, like the shower enclosure, the electrical work, and plumbing rough-in.

Finally, two weeks ago I broke down and ordered the shower enclosure, shower fixtures, electrical fixtures, and all the other minor stuff that we needed before we could proceed.  Everything arrived, and so it was time to call our electrician and plumber and have them rough everything in.  This weekend the electrician came and ran the 7(!!!!) new circuits for the bathroom which cost a small fortune in copper wiring.  I know that the building code is theoretically making things safer, but this is getting insane.  We have more than twenty circuits I think at this point.  It, is, crazy.  The electrician will be back later this week and hopefully so will the plumber!  Once they are through, insulation can go in, and we can get everything inspected.

Speaking of inspections – those have been slowing us down too.  We have to have a city inspector come out after almost every step, and every time they com out, they tell us something we did wrong, and then they have to come again.  Of course they only work 9-5 on weekdays and won’t give you an exact time/date in advance.  It’s a bit like scheduling the cable man, except we have to do it over and over again, and he never has good news.

For those who don’t follow LA weather, September is the hottest month closely followed by October.  Normally this weather is from winds coming off the desert, meaning hot days and cool nights.  In the last few weeks though we have been stuck in a sort of monsoon high which has left us with near 100 degree days and maybe cooling off to 75 by sunrise.  This is not normal, and it makes for awful nights because we don’t really have A/C.  I decided I had an opportunity with the electrician coming out to help cool the house down some and bought and installed a gable end attic fan.  This is a fan that is on a thermostat and will turn on when the attic is warm; the fan pulls air through the attic from the other gable vents and can drop the attic temperature from 120+ degrees to 100 or less.  This should help a lot with heat retention at night and maybe cool the house down some during the day.  We will find out soon as it will hopefully be hooked up on Wednesday just in time for some more hot weather with highs in the 100’s.  Sadly I didn’t take pictures of the install, because it was like 110 in the attic (at 8am!) and I didn’t want to find out what it would be like at noon, so I was in a bit of a rush.  But the idea is pretty simple.  Build a frame for the fan, mount the frame, use plywood to block the gable vent except for a cutout for the fan, then mount the fan to the frame and plywood.  Also of note, I used sound dampening washers to mount the fan which I am hoping will make any noise or vibration all but unnoticeable.


Going back in time a little bit, Alexandra had a conference in Japan back in July so I was left at home for a week.  Not one to sit idle (ok, I am, but whatever).  I decided to build the interior walls and cut in the new door to the back bedroom.  Everything went surprisingly well and so I could take the chop saw out of the room and clean it up.

In other news, Alex refinished an old dresser by painting it white and sanding the edges to “antique” it, and last week I hung three “shade sails” over our south-facing deck so we could have a bit of shade out there.

shade sails



So, to recap, we are back into the swing of things with more updates to coming in a hopefully more frequent fashion!

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