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Windows, Insulation, Housewrap and More

November 10, 2013

More than 6 months have gone by since we started the bathroom renovation.  We’ve been using a laundromat for so long now that it has begun to feel perfectly normal.  But, other than the lack of a laundry machine at home, this renovation just doesn’t impact us very much, so we haven’t been in much of a hurry – a big part of the reason that this project has been moving so slowly.

Well, we’re finally at a point where we can do most (if not all) of the remaining work by ourselves.  The electrical and plumbing are essentially finished.  The rest of the work includes things like: installing and painting the exterior siding, installing drywall, cement-board on the floors and around the shower enclosure, tiling, installing fixtures, painting, etc.

This weekend we made the push to get things ready for the next stage of the inspection ( I think we’ve had almost 20 inspections at this point…).  Alex finished installing house wrap, then he installed both of the windows, and put in the wall insulation.  Next step will be drywall and exterior siding.

house wrap



We also worked on a rather important side project this month, with the help of my dad;  wooden gates for the driveway!   My dad helped us figure out a design for an arched double gate made of redwood, which will span the entire driveway.  He did most of the work, and then Alex and I finished it after he left.  Here’s a picture of one side of the gate, which is almost finished, but not hung yet.  It’s looking pretty nice!

redwood gate

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