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January 22, 2014

January here in Pasadena means continued warm weather and plenty of flowers, and the ongoing drought means that we are getting even less water this year than the expected 10 or so inches.   As northerners, we are sure missing the snow and rain right now.  But, good weather is at least good for getting work done on the house!  And we have been working, even though we haven’t been posting anything.  Here’s an update from the last two months:

photo 4(1)

Alex finished and hung the driveway gates that my dad started building for us out of redwood.  They still need to be stained/sealed at some point to protect them from the sun, but that part’s easy.

photo 1(1)

We started putting up wood siding on the bathroom addition, but it’s slow and boring work.  Even though we’ve spent three weekends installing siding so far, we’re only halfway finished.  As soon as we’re done, the plan is to have professional painters prep and paint the whole house.

photo 3(1)

We also started dry walling the inside of the addition.  We finished 90% of the closet (the smaller of the two rooms) and then we gave up and decided to get help.  The professionals were able to finish the rest of the closet and the entire bathroom in one day – so, money well spent.

photo 2(1)

Here’s a “panorama” of the inside of the dry-walled bathroom.  Things should move quickly from here on out; the tile for the floor and shower stall should be finished by next week, and then we just have to paint and install the vanity and fixtures.  Crossing our fingers that we will have a finished bathroom by next month!

photo 5

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