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Suddenly we have a Patio :-)

April 22, 2014

About 2 years ago, I found some cheap flagstones on Craigslist, halfway across town.  I hired a truck and some guys to help get it all home.  Once home, the flagstones sat in our back yard until…

About 1 year ago, a contractor (who had done a previous job for us) dropped off another pile of flagstone that he had leftover from a different job.  These also sat in our backyard for a while….

Finally, with out new bathroom finished, we could think about installing a patio.  We realized, however, that just removing, hauling, and disposing of 100 cubic feet of dirt would require a lot of rental equipment, and would probably take a couple weekends.  Then we’d have to rent more equipment and spend a couple more weekends to  obtain all the sand and gravel needed for the base, and to tamp it down properly.

Long story, short; we decided to pay a contractor to do the work for us.  Three days later, job done.  Well, almost done.  The contractor neglected to put any sort of edge around the patio.  So, I spent last Saturday digging up gravel and installing bender-board edging myself.  We now have a nice, slightly high maintenance, 250 sq ft flagstone patio.  And the best part: it’s right under a huge shade tree 😀

photo(5)Above:  Before beginning work.  Outline of future patio marked with hose.

photo 1Above: Day 2 –  dirt removal.

photo 2Ab0ve: Day 3 – patio installed.

photo 3Above: Finished patio – after I installed bender-board edging.




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