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The long awaited bathroom renovation

August 25, 2014

We dawdled for 3 1/2 years on this one.  But we finally did it!  A couple weeks ago, we demolished the main bathroom from the chair rail down.  Out with the bathtub, the vanity, the toilet, all the tile, and the floor.  We decided to save ourselves some time and money by leaving all the wood trim in place(window and door trim, chair rail, baseboard).  The demo went pretty smoothly.  We had to call in help from a friend to help us get the old cast iron bathtub out to the curb.  The floor was the most difficult part; it consisted of two layers of linoleum glued down to rotting oak nailed to rotting subfloor.

We hired a contractor to do most of the work quickly:  He plastered a top coat over the old plaster above the chair rail, then he repaired the subfloor, installed a new pony-wall for the bathtub, installed a new tub with new plumbing.  Then he put up cement board and tiled the area around the tub and the floor.

Our work began again this past weekend.  We installed beadboard everywhere below the chair rail.  This week we’ll be painting every night, and finally, we can install the new toilet and vanity.

We have about 4 weeks to go before this house is going to be up for sale, so now we’re really down to the wire!


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