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Prague and Kitchen Progress

March 3, 2015

After a week of working on the kitchen it is very close to finished.  In fact, the only thing left to do is a bit of minor trim work and some other finicky “extras”.  The kitchen is functionally done! Yay!  So, what did that mean?  We needed to get back to the business of why we are here in Europe.  Traveling and eating too much obviously.


So, we decided to head to Prague about three hours before the bus left on Friday.  That’s right, bus.  Why a bus? Well,  about two years ago Germany finally allowed long distance bus travel.  Previously, they had banned it as the national rail system was a state run monopoly on travel.  Now with the market suddenly open bus travel in Germany has become quite convenient and inexpensive.  Our tickets to Prague cost about half what a train would have and took exactly the same amount of time.  So, off we went!

We got into Prague at about 6pm, checked into our hotel and then wandered off to find dinner and see the sights.  The first thing that we noticed is the street trams in Prague look like they are from about 1930.  They are very cool and retro looking.

Next we made it to the main area of old town Prague and found the main town square.  There we found many interesting things to see including a few marionette stores and stands where they sell strange pastries made from a long noodle of dough wrapped around a sort of rolling pin and then placed over a charcoal grill and spun.  After they are done cooking they are rolled in sugar.  They are simple and delicious!

We wandered around town until we found a neat looking restaurant that was supposed to have good authentic Czech food.  I ordered ribs and a half liter of beer and found it all delicious if a bit hilariously large as a single portion.  We then made our way back to our hotel for a well deserved nap.

The next morning we set out to see the city by day heading first to the famous castle overlooking the city.  On our way there we found another curious street stall selling a hot drink called something like Horka Medovino which is Czech for hot mead.  Intrigued, and with a bad case of the sniffles I ordered one and was rewarded with an amazing drink made of a dark mead blended with apple juice and honey to make a syrupy sweet nectar that is exactly what you need to face a day of walking while sniffling constantly.  It was so good we bought a couple of bottles of medovino before we left town so we could replicate the drink at home.

Eventually we made our way to the banks of the Vltava River that cuts through the city where we had to stop to watch the ducks and swans.  We walked up to the castle and were more impressed by the press of tourists in this supposed quiet season than anything.  Then onto the Charles Bridge with more tourists everywhere.

We took a break from the crush and found a chocolate cafe where we indulged in amazing hot chocolate, mine included rum soaked cherries which was an amazing addition.  After wandering a bit more we decided to go to our hotel early and spend the evening snacking and drinking and watching movies as my cold was really starting to hinder my enjoyment of tourist activities.

Sunday our bus left at 1pm so we had just enough time to wander to a sort of suburb of Prague where we found a neat little cafe called the sleepy cat that served delicious crepes and then it was time for the bus trip home!

All in all I’d say Prague was a very interesting place, lots of delicious food and a lot of variety that you don’t see in Germany (or at least Dresden).  It has beautiful architecture at every turn and it is very inexpensive.  It really has a lot going for it but in a way very reminiscent of Paris, it is dirty and filled with graffiti.  It is confusing why a city so beautiful and whose tourist industry hinges on that beauty could allow the graffiti to stay but it does.  Even on the doors of one of the main branches of the state bank.  Why isn’t this cleaned up?  I couldn’t even begin to guess.  Anyway, we can’t wait to go back and explore more but we are a bit scared to see what tourist season in the city looks like if it is as packed as it was with tourists on a cold wintery weekend.

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