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Bautzen and Görlitz

April 5, 2015

Happy Easter everyone!

We decided to spend the Easter holiday (a 4 day weekend in Germany) in Switzerland.  That post, and those pictures, will come later however.   This post is about last weekend, when we decided to explore our home state of Saxony a little bit more.

I was really craving something Easter-themed.  In my dream world, I was hoping to find a market full of hand made Easter candy and chocolates.  Instead, we found a website online advertising a Sorbian (ethnicity related to Serbian) hand painted easter egg market in the nearby town of Bautzen.  That sounded pretty Easter-y and unique, so we decided to go check it out.

Well, after a 90 minute train ride (punctuated by a bus detour), we arrived in Bautzen to find out (after a long time searching) that the Easter egg market was already over  – it happened a month ago.   Apparently we are not as good as we thought we were at reading dates written european style (i.e., day-month-year).

Anyway, it turns out Bautzen is a lovely little town, and we still had a nice morning walking around, checking out ruins of cathedrals and the old town walls, much of which dates to the 1500’s.    When our feet were too sore to keep walking, we caught a train to the next big town – Görlitz.  Görlitz has the honor of being the eastern-most town in Germany.  After WWII, Poland’s borders shifted westward, eating up part of former eastern Germany.  In the process, Görlitz was split in two along the river, so that half of the city now resides in Poland.  Like Bautzen, Görlitz has a lot of gorgeous old buildings, and we spent the entire afternoon exploring on foot, and resting at cafe’s when we were too tired.

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